Provision Stores

At Galata bonded warehouses, wide ranges of frozen meats, fish, dairy, fresh and ambient stores can be dispatched to any port at short notice. A complete understanding to the diverse nature of crew’s nationalities is vital and this is why at Galata we stock goods from worldwide sources to satisfy every need. European, Scandinavian, Polish, Irish, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Pilipino, Italian and Japanese are just some of the specialties which we carry in stores at all times. Since we are an innovative ship supply company, we are also offering long life catering products to your precious vessel.

  • Fresh Meats, Poultry, Fish
  • Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Savuory, Desserts
  • Fresh Dairy Products
  • Ambient Tinned, Long Life and Dried Foods
  • Asian Products, Packed & Bakery Products, Spices
  • Water, Soda, Sparkling Water, Soft Drinks
  • Bonded Stores, Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco & Cigarettes
  • Galley Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Catering Equipment