Galata Ship Supply is a subsidiary of İstanbul Group under almost a five decade long expertise in providing far-reaching services to maritime organizations. With an history of specialization in assisting vessels, our company now dedicates its capabilities to effectively meet the requirements of your vessel at your port of call as well as your home port in our service areas. Based in Istanbul, our operations run in every seaport within Turkey including the most busy and in demand. Galata Ship Supply strives to maintain the high quality of its wide range of stores and assistance, all-encompassing your vessel’s needs. We value traditional ship chandlery and intend to innovate in line with the modern needs of modern time vessels. Wherever and whenever you are in need of any kind of supply that you can think of, Galata Ship Supply is near to support your procurement around-the-clock.


Galata's mission is to meet the needs for supply and service of vessels 7/24.


Galata's vision is to become number one partner for vessels with innovations when complete supply or service solution needed.